Contract Software Developer (2016-current)

Worked with various clients on a short-term, contract basis. Front-end development work in HTML/CSS/SCSS/Bootstrap, JavaScript/jQuery, React, within Postgres and SQL backends. Wrote and managed internal API documentation. Helped to create user flows. Designed mockups, graphics, and user flows. Worked with stakeholders and users to turn feedback into refined flows, and then created code based on updated flow. Worked in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, and SketchApp. Used Git, Asana, and GitLab for version control and project management. Utilized Google Drive, Meet, and Zoom for team communications.

React and React Native Software Developer, Tuzag, Inc. (2018-2019)

Redesigned a mobile and web app in SketchApp. Co-created a React Native app that integrates Alexa and Google Voice. Redesigned and developed the React Web version of the app. Used Sourcetree and Google Cloud for hosting and code management. Worked with SQL and Node backend. Used Monday.com, Slack, Zoom, and Google Meet for project management and communication. Worked remotely on a team of 5 distributed across the U.S. Designed and created a marketing website in React with Gatsby to support the new app version. Created a sales deck with reusable components and slides for our sales team. Communicated with team members across disciplines to better understand our users. Took team and user feedback and integrated it into new features and bug fixes. Designed and created a 14-page PDF report with dynamic, personal data for users. Designed and created dynamic email templates in Foundation.

Product Director, Statum Health (2017)

Developed a small startup brand identity and voice, from color palette to personas. Designed the mobile app for iOS and Android in SketchApp. Built and managed the landing page using HTML, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap 4, and JavaScript, including submittable forms. Defined the product vision and managed the end-to-end product roadmap and code base (Angular, SQL). Managed the continued development of the product at scale (Azure). Managed the hiring of the development team including communication, screening, and technical interviewing. Defined marketing goals, created a roadmap and editorial calendar, and implemented these across channels. Conducted user research to inform design and user experience of the product. Implemented changes to the product based on research and stakeholder requests.

Front-End Development Intern, Shomeya.com (2016)

Learned git flows and command line tooling needed to work on a small, distributed web team. Created SketchApp mockups to demonstrate design options to client. Translated to HTML/CSS/JavaScript/SASS. Lead a website redesign utilizing SketchApp, and implemented using HTML, CSS, SCSS, and Bootstrap.


  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • React, React Native
  • Adobe CC (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) , SketchApp
  • Swift/XCode/CocoaPods
  • GitHub/GitLab/Asana/Monday
  • Firebase, Heroku
  • Node.js


  • Front End Libraries Certification: Free Code Camp
  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certificate: Free Code Camp
  • Responsive Web Design Certificate: Free Code Camp
  • Algorithmic Toolbox Certificate: Coursera (University of San Diego)
  • Data Visualization Certificate: Free Code Camp
  • Front End Development Certificate: Free Code Camp
  • MongoDB for Node Developers certificate
  • Complete SQL Bootcamp certificate
  • Stanford Machine Learning certificate
  • First Place Team, Jefferson University Health Hackathon, 2015


Contributor to Ethereum Network’s Polkadot software (front-end React work)


BA Physics, Minor in Fine Art, Temple University